My (So Far) Favorite Looks from Spring 2015

Too busy to watch all the fashion week shows? No worries! I did the work for you. Catch my #NYFW highlights here→

Fabio Ion�� /

If you’re like me, you’ve woken up every morning since September 4 with that “I’m king of the world!” feeling of endless possibilities soaring through your soul. If you’re not like me, allow me to remind you that we are in the midst of #NYFW (that’s New York Fashion Week, for the less informed among us).


So before this week of sartorial majesty draws to a close on the 11th, I wanted to fill you…

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Labor Day Lovin’

Working hard or hardly working? The best Labor Day outfit ever is just a click away →


Hey, you! Working hard or hardly working? To everyone hustlin’ and laboring away at that 9-to-5, this one goes out to you. Happy Labor Day – don’t say I never did anything for you.

So obviously I couldn’t let the day pass without a Labor Day-themed post. I wasn’t sure how to translate the national holiday of the working man into an outfit, so I just decided to werk it, man.

That joke was…

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New York, I Love You

The final installment in the epic tale of Elly’s NYC Summer! (A few days late because I’m terrible at goodbyes.)

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Though this New York fare-thee-well is being sent all the way from the Sunshine State, just try to imagine me shouting it amongst a throng of tourists in the very heart of a swarming, pulsing Times Square. Or better yet, picture me on the roof of the Standard, slightly overpriced drink in hand, cheering to a magical summer in the city that never sleeps. That second one is much more up my alley.


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On Trend, On a Budget: Best Overall

And my pick for the hands-down best summer style ‘overall’?! Drum roll, please….

Photo courtesy of

(A version of this article ran August 4, 2014, in The Independent Florida Alligator’s “On Trend, On a Budget” blog.)

As it’s the last “On Trend, On a Budget” column of the summer, I figure I’ll leave you with one of the most predominant trends of the sunshine season. Let’s pull back the door to the arsenal of style – wide enough to climb over the jelly sandals, reach past the skorts and Gandalf…

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From the Rockaway Beaches to the SoHo Thrift Shops

Ever wanted to explore everything from the Rockaway beaches to the SoHo thrift shops in one day?! Now you can, just by reading my post!


My NYC diary entries have been on hiatus in recent weeks, and this is due to the fact that I’ve been elbow-deep in the city experiencing absolutely everything possible, so that I can report it all back to you.

So, you know, you’re welcome. Oh – no, no don’t mention it!

Our first image brings us back to a little thrift shop in SoHo called Monk. I perused the rack on racks on racks of vintage band…

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Chloe Sevigny


Chloe Sevigny

"Has it ever struck you that life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quick you hardly catch it going?"

The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore by Tennessee Williams (via splitterherzen)

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because yep

because yep

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On Trend, On a Budget: I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly

Courtesy of Zoë Biggs/Flickr

(A version of this article ran June 30, 2014, in The Independent Florida Alligator’s “On Trend, On a Budget” blog.)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past season, you’ve likely noticed an influx of overalls, tube socks, bucket hats, Keds and all things ‘90s amongst your fashion-forward friends.

(Real talk: If you haven’t, then your friends must not be very fashionable.)
Courtesy of Zoë Biggs/Flickr

Courtesy of…

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Coney Island, T-Rexes and Gemstones: Just Another Week in NYC

More Life and Times of an NYC #fashionintern – From Coney Island hot dogs to giant T-Rexes and gemstones


This past week and a half has been another crazy one in the city, moving from the coast of Brooklyn’s famous Coney Island (see below!) to the tip of the T-Rex head at the Museum of Natural History.

With four weeks left to go, I’m working tirelessly to do and see as much as possible before packing it back up for the Sunshine State!
I’d been craving some sun and sand recently, so last weekend I…

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