Rolling with the Homiès

Rolling with the Homiès in my brand spankin’ new @NYLONshop top:


In case you missed my previous post, I’ve been waiting approximately 7,465,423 years –– or at least, what felt like it –– for my Homiès shirt from #NYLONshop to get to my doorstep.

And finally, the glorious garment arrived in all its unbridled punny beauty just this week, and so naturally I began brainstorming the freshest duds to pair it with.


The classic and quintessentially chic “Hermès” logo

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The flossy, flossy: Candyfloss hair and other spring obsessions

The flossy, flossy: Candyfloss hair and my other spring obsessions


I’m not sure if it’s my long-term fixation on British culture (Hey Rolling Stones, Sherlock, etc., etc.) or my deep (and new-found) affection for One Direction hairstylist Lou Teasdale, but I am seriously digging the lilac candyfloss hair trend sweeping the roots of beauty addicts across the globe.

If candyfloss doesn’t ring a bell, think pastel, powdery color hair. I love it because the overall…

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Manicure Monday: Heavy Metal

Want to celebrate #ManicureMonday, but you’re challenged in the #nailart dept? Check out my easy three-step look!

photo 3(2)

Though we all presumably respond to Mondays with the same general level of eagerness Cher gives to dweebs like this guy, I thought I’d raise your downtrodden spirits with the resurgence of Manicure Monday.


Hey, no problem! You’re welcome.

And today’s manicure is metallic themed (rockin out, right?). So instead of reacting to Mondays like Cher Horowitz, let’s scratch those dapper digits across a…

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Phresh Out The Runway: RiRi is 2014 CFDA Fashion Icon

RiRi is the only girl in the world… taking home the 2014 CFDA Fashion Icon Award! Talk about Phresh Out the Runway.

Stéphane Feugère

Bad Gal RiRi and all-around Queen of Cool, Rihanna, was named by the Council of Fashion Designers of America as this year’s style icon.

And I think I speak for all fashion lovers when I say: Werk it, girl. (See her give the Victoria’s Secret Angels a run for their money in her 2012 performance of “Phresh Out the Runway” at the annual VS Fashion Show below.)


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(Source: slayerage, via splendidly-imperfect)

(Source: dancing-to-your-heartbeat, via disneyfansonly)

For Wardrobe Inspiration, look back to Milan Fashion Week

Need a wardrobe reinvention?! From fairytale dreams to McD’s golden arches – see how imaginations ran wild in Milan!


As we Gator students weep for our long-gone Spring Break, we set our sights on the future – the Holy Grail of all seasonal vacations. Summer, as many refer to this glorious time, is a season of style where pretty much anything goes in the Sunshine State, so long as its coverage is sparse enough that you haven’t melted into the sidewalk by the time you’ve walked the length of your driveway.

And in…

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London Fashion Week

The British are coming! The British are… gone! If you missed it, get my recap of #LondonFashionWeek here:


While many of us ripped into heart shaped chocolates or cavorted with significant others (for some, the chocolate was the significant other) this Valentine’s Day, something much more beautiful was brewing just across the pond: London Fashion Week.

Kicking up its heels Feb. 14, the second round of international Autumn/Winter 2014 fashion weeks didn’t disappoint. Its expected level of excellence…

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Who are you loving today? If you said “clothes,” we’d get along famously. Check out the Valentine’s Day look:View Post

Who are you loving today? If you said “clothes,” we’d get along famously. Check out the Valentine’s Day look:

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Check out how I styled my picks from @TargetStyle x @PeterPilotto !View Post

Check out how I styled my picks from @TargetStyle x @PeterPilotto !

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